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1814 MAGAZINE strives to combine the best in both words and images from some of the greatest photographers and artists of the 20th and 21st century. Recent issues have included such celebrated artists as E.O. Hoppe, Massimo Vitali, Eudora Welty, Bernard Faucon, Donna DeMari, Karlheinz Weinberger as well as Henry Horenstein, Wang Qinsong, Vivian Maier, Georges Dambier, Christer Stromholm, Edward Ruscha, Yves Marchand & Romaine Meffre, Antony Armstrong Jones, Paulina Otylie Surys, Chris Stein, Mel Roberts, and Alexander Gronsky. Known for its clean gallery type presentation and unusual juxtapositions, 1814 MAGAZINE both mirrors and encourages the evolution of photography, art and culture.

Road Trip - Photographs and Words by Jim Dow

My first photographic road trip was in 1965 and I have continued to make them ever since. Back in the day I had a van, stopping to cook and sleep in campgrounds. Now it generally involves an airplane flight, a rental car, places with good beer, and chain motels with a gym.

While the logistics may be different, the actual routine of taking pictures rarely varies: a walk or drive by something, a stop to look, perhaps a peep inside, then ask permission, get into a conversation, set up the old 8 x 10, explain what it is, more conversation, take the picture (sometimes five minutes, at others a couple of hours), then move on, maybe a few yards, but often a hundred miles or more…" - Jim Dow