1814 MAGAZINE is a limited edition, bi annual publication that focuses on photography, design, art, and culture.

1814 MAGAZINE is dedicated to providing a unique platform for established and emerging artists.

1814 MAGAZINE strives to combine the best in both words and images from some of the greatest photographers and artists of the 20th and 21st century. Recent issues have included such celebrated artists as E.O. Hoppe, Massimo Vitali, Eudora Welty, Bernard Faucon, Donna DeMari, Karlheinz Weinberger as well as Henry Horenstein, Wang Qinsong, Vivian Maier, Georges Dambier, Christer Stromholm, Edward Ruscha, Yves Marchand & Romaine Meffre, Antony Armstrong Jones, Paulina Otylie Surys, Chris Stein, Mel Roberts, and Alexander Gronsky. Known for its clean gallery type presentation and unusual juxtapositions, 1814 MAGAZINE both mirrors and encourages the evolution of photography, art and culture.

The Intersection of Seventh and Madison - Photographs by William Helburn from his book 'Seventh and Madison' - Courtesy of Peter Fetterman Gallery

1814: We've always believed that in order to take a great photograph you must love the subject caught in your lens… that you must fall in love just a bit with the photograph. You certainly found beauty in your subjects. Can you tell us about the relationship between photographer and subject?

WH: A good model will give you opportunities. You'll get different poses, different moves… until you say "Stop thats it!". The better the model the better the picture. The model I hired were exciting, unique. They all brought something to the pictures. They contributed. They made the clothes look good and they made me look good. And as I got closer to them, the easier it was directing them. Usually I found models desirable. I almost always got a little friendlier with a model than just taking pictures. But one never interfered with another.